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What is the meeting mode in TeamLogger?

TeamLogger meeting mode allows users to attend meetings or calls without affecting their active time. Once the admin enables the meeting mode, employees can click on “Start Meeting Mode” from their timer application to attend calls or meetings. The total time spent away from the computer after enabling the meeting mode will be considered as […]

Strata Staff's new online home - Introducing

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Our team is delighted to announce that our new Strata Staff Global website has been launched!

We are excited to showcase the vast development of our technological evolution, unlocking new and dynamic features of our new digital home

Strata Staff’s new online hub provides user learning functionality in terms of our humble journey, key people, available offshore roles, tasks overview, training outline and more. We have also upgraded the interactive platform where prospect clients can immediately book discovery calls and applicants can complete an online application.

Please click below for a new digital experience and share with your network!